About us

We are a local company based in Pollença, at the North of Mallorca. We organize birding and wildlife tours to the major natural areas on the island. In our tours we offer you the best combination of birding, discovering Mallorca’s wildlife, landscapes, history and culture. We also organize tours “a la carte” and personalized packages for several days in partnerships with other specialized tourism businesses, in order to meet your interests and requirements. And always based on a code of ethics and responsible tourism principles.

Our tour leaders are local professional ecologists, ornithologists and naturalists. We have considerable experience in observing and studying Mallorca’s nature, excellent knowledge of the best sites and many of us have worked in protected areas and biodiversity conservation. We will go to unique wetlands, dense forests, secluded coves, majestic mountains and stunning viewpoints to enjoy breathtaking cliffs and beautiful sceneries, while looking for birds and other wildlife.

Our mission

Develop nature tourism activities, focusing not only on knowledge about and enjoyment of nature, but also on disseminating and creating awareness on the natural values of our environment, while contributing to their conservation.

Meet our tour leaders

Pere Tomàs

180122_ss.jpgPere is a Mallorcan biologist and holds a MSc in Conservation. Since the late 80s he works in biodiversity conservation and protected areas in the Balearics (Albufera Natural Park, Cabrera National Park, Albufereta Nature Reserve) and at international level. Some years ago he developed a new professional field as a complement to his activity as an environmental consultant and founded Mallorca Nature Tours (formerly Mallorca Natural Tours); an ecotourism venture on an island where tourism and nature can and should complement each other, although until now it has not always been the case.

Miguel McMinn 

img_20160819_010401Miguel is a biologist with a Scottish family background that works and lives in the Mediterranean. He started studying prehuman fossil faunas of the Balearic Islands, describing new species for science like an extinct endemic rail from the Island of Ibiza. The extinction of this rail is related with the arrival of man and the introduction of invasive predators. Instead of adding more species to the list Mediterranean extinctions, Miguel’s new objective is preventing new extinctions.  He has been working actively during the last 30 years in the conservation of the Critically Endangered Balearic Shearwater.